The Falls

Weaving fact with fiction, THE FALLS is a moving, inspiring drama set in Niagara Falls, New York, revealing the beauty of one of God’s most majestic creations – but also the devastation that has occurred over time, through lies, greed and deadly toxic waste dumping akin to the Love Canal tragedy.

Today, the city is forgotten. Its soul wiped away by broken promises and neglect. In need of a miracle only The Almighty can provide.

Just as when Noah was chosen in the Old Testament, THE FALLS has two unlikely individuals who will become part of God’s plan. A struggling, widowed mother and an isolated young man from a powerful Italian family discover they share the same passion and wisdom to uncover the truth – and provide a way forward for the city to be healed.

An emotional and spiritual awakening that will culminate with an inspirational reminder of God’s love.

THE FALLS is to be shot on location in Niagara and Tampa, utilizing the gritty reality of a city in shambles, and contrasting that with the beauty and power of the Falls and the sunshine of Florida.

As an attorney, author Christen Civiletto represents real people who have suffered illness and death as a result of the toxic waste dumping. The characters in THE FALLS are loosely based on her research and endeavors within this broken city.

And their life’s journey will inspire and enlighten as their heartaches, fears, and loves are unfolded through God’s plan for each of them.


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